Great adventures begin with opening a book.

We welcome you with open arms to a world where reality blurs and fantasy comes to life.

Explore, dream, discover.

At Dos Lunas Editorial, we cultivate a passion for reading by bringing captivating stories to life under the light of the twin moons.

Dive into our catalog and let the stories transport you to new worlds.

Dos Lunas is an independent publishing house that seeks to offer reading experiences beyond the simple act of opening a book. We create books for children, young adults, adults, or in reality, for anyone who likes to enjoy, own, and discover a good book.

Each of the titles in our catalog possesses a unique character, an identity of its own that we consider very important. The authors and illustrators who make up the Dos Lunas team are distinguished not only by their artistic qualities but also by their talent for storytelling. We have experts in content creation, digital innovation, teachers, and psychologists for the development of pedagogical tools for minors, and other professionals who contribute to making each work unique.

At Dos Lunas Editorial, we don’t just publish books; we create doorways to new worlds, adventure companions, sources of knowledge and emotion. Because for us, each book is more than ink on paper: it’s an experience that transforms, educates, and endures.

We invite you to explore our catalog and discover the magical world that awaits you between the pages of a Dos Lunas book. Here, each book is a journey, and you are the protagonist.

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